Friday, May 7, 2010

External Hard Drive has been Mounted to Jailbroken iPad [Video + Guide]

Well, as we told last week that Spirit has been Released to Jailbreak all iDevices specially for iPad 3G which arrived in US the last week, Today you can see this video in which Maxwell C. Shay demonstrates mounting an external hard drive to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit in a new video posted to YouTube. You can take a look for the video after the jump ...

Here's the video that demonstrates connecting external hard drive to Jailbroken iPad with Spirit

Unfortunately, it seems the iPad doesn't provide enough power through the dock connector to power the external drive. Shay uses a split USB cord to provide the additional power.
Detailed step by step guide for this can be found here.
You can Jailbreak iPod touch 3G on OS 3.1.3 & iPhone 3GS on OS 3.1.3 & iPad 3.2 with Spirit by the Full Guide found Here